My work deals with earth. Clay bends at every touch, yields to gesture and preserves its memory, a hint of presence. It’s precisely this strength of the matter, I aim to give back in my works. I create masses that reflect me, in a changeable flow aimed at understanding what I do not know“.

Etra Masi was born in Naples. The thousand historical stratifications of this city, are the main reason of her fascination for ancient art with an oriental twist and nurture, in the early years of her education, the awareness that the melting of different cultures creates “added value”. She continues her studies in Bologna, where she graduates in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Art with Professors Mauro Mazzali and Sandro Sproccati; here she carries on her search on “contaminations” and looks closer into the relationship between sculpture and architecture. Arriving in Faenza, she gets in touch with the ceramic tradition, deeping her knowledge of the craft techniques.

The search for remote stylistic influences both in time and space (prehistoric cultures, Far East, African art) leads Masi to the formulation of a language that weaves myths and ancestral elements: wood, metal, fabric and earth.

  • 2019 Honorable Mention to the XIV International Biennal of Ceramic Art of Aveiro Portugal
  • 2019 Selected for Ceramics in Love Two, International Competition, Castellamonte (TO) Italy
  • 2018 Exhibitor Argillà, International Ceramics Festival and Market Fair, Faenza Italy
  • 2018 Via Terra, collective exhibition, curated by Oscar Dominguez, Albissola Marina (SV) Italy
  • 2018 Vernice Art Fair, exhibitor in the “4×4 space” by Oscar Dominguez, Forlì Italy
  • 2016 Exhibitor Argillà, International Ceramics festival and Market Fair, Faenza Italy